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Play Champlain
Mon, Sep 26, 2022 @ 9:30 am
Nickname: Pepilepu
Name: Bob Pepin
Div Ranking: B8
Win Percentage: 63%
Teeblock: T4
Driving Distance: 210
Nickname: Papa Malone
Name: Gabe Rajhathy
Div Ranking: C28
Win Percentage: 42%
Teeblock: T4
Driving Distance: 225
Nickname: Triple D
Name: Darrell Dunn
Div Ranking: C13
Teeblock: T5
Group #1     9:30
Slammer Rank Chall #1 Chall #2 Chall #3 CMPC Match Commentary
Pepilepu B8 - - - -

* Note that groups will change as new registrations are received and challenges are modified. Final groupings will be released once registration closes.
* Scoring Volunteer: App-scorer signified by A and Card-scorer signified by C
* Ride Sharing: Needing a ride signified by N and Offering a ride signified by O

Registration Tracker
# Slammer Status Date Time
1 Pepilepu Lottery Fri Aug 26, 2022 11:38:31 am

# Slammer Date Comment
1 Sep 20, 2022 @ 3:43 pm
2 Sep 23, 2022 @ 5:03 pm Looks like bad weather, May play Friday instead
Event Information
Deadline: Sep 25, 2022 @ 10:00 pm
Coordinator: Pepilepu
Doggie Master: Any Volunteers?
Skin Master: Any Volunteers?
Photo Master: Any Volunteers?
Non EG Member Fee: $45
EG Member Fee: $35
EG Unlimited Fee: $25
Course Member Fee: $5
Tee Blocks: Tee Block Assignments
Live Scoring: Live Scoring Link
Slammer Tour #1's
D Division
Martin "FromWell" Dupuis
C Division
Al "Army" Armstrong
B Division
Mitchell "Meeetch" Miranda
A Division
Daniel "DJD" Dore
O Division
Craig "Chef" Domville
Doggie Master
The Doggie Master plays in the final group and measures and enters the closest-to-the-pin winners for each par-three into the app, then announces the Andrew Smith Insurance Doggie Winners during the OC's wrap-up presentation. He or she must check with the OC before teeing off to determine which Slammers are or are not in for doggies and skins, and then do the math to determine the value of each doggie. Best of all, the Doggie Master earns one Stirling Johnston Point just for volunteering!
Skin Master
Once the OC has finalized scoring results, the SwingFit Skin Master will go through the results hole-by-hole and report each skin winner during the presentation. The Doggie Master will let the Skin Master know the value of each SwingFit Skin. Also best of all, the Skin Master earns one Stirling Johnston Point just for volunteering!
Photo Master
The Photo Master takes group pictures, individual pictures, course pictures and pictures of the presentation and uploads the good ones to the Slammer Tour Shared album in Google Photos. Even more extraordinary, the Photo Master also earns one Stirling Johnston Point just for volunteering!

We Love Rookies!

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