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The Slammer Tour
Yes, some things really are free.

We trust you've poked around the site and have learned that the Slammer Tour is a fun and competitive match-play league. While it may not be suitable for everyone, the Tour format does appeal to those of us who like friendly competition and to play by the rules.

So this is your chance to try us out risk free.

Your first regular Ottawa Tour event is absolutely free because we believe that if you are a good fit, then there's a good chance you will like us and stick around for life.

Here's a recap of the main benefits of joining the Slammer Tour:

  • daily events throughout the region
  • everything is totally organized for you
  • play a variety of different types of courses
  • make new golf buddies
  • participate in special events and enjoy various member perks

We do play each other for small friendly wagers ($5/match) so the only reason you'll spend so much as a dime is if you lose any matches, or if you happen to buy a hotdog and a cold Michelob Ultra! We offer an optional skins game and an optional closest-to-the pin game for $5 a piece, so the absolute most you might spend is $25. On the other hand, you might win a bundle!

Any questions?

Give us a try... we're betting you'll love it!

Slammer Tour
The Slammer Tour. Fun and competitive match-play golf for everyone!
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