The Slammer Tour: Toronto

The Slammer Tour: Toronto
The Toronto Slammer Tour is headed up by Jamie Ryan,
aka "Rulz" (shown on the far right)

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Welcome to the Toronto Chapter of The Slammer Tour!

The Slammer Tour is a match-play golf league for public golfers of all levels from beginners to pros who want to learn about the game, play by the rules and nurture their competitive spirit. The Tour began in Ottawa, in 1997.

Competition and camaraderie

We play straight-up match-play for bones ($5 per match), skins, doggies and honour, and we would love to have you be a part of the Toronto Slammer Tour.

Just pick a nickname and sign up below... that's really all it takes!

Free first-year membership

First-year membership on the Slammer Tour is free and the fees for subsequent years are minimal. You just pay an event fee whenever you play. The only other cost you might incur is if you lose a match to a fellow Slammer.

Every Slammer has a chance to take home one of four (usually) lucrative par-three 'doggies'. Doggies are the Tour's staple closest-to-the-pin contest with a twist in that you must make par or better, or the shot at the doggie goes to whoever was "next closest" to the pin.

Climb the ladder

Unlike stroke play, total score is not that important in match-play. It's a hole-by-hole contest where you either beat, tie or lose to your opponents. In fact, we have what's called a "Slammie Max". No one ever takes more than an eight on a single hole and all eights are equal.

On The Slammer Tour, you compete for rank by challenging someone above you on the ladder. If you beat them, you take their rank and they drop down one spot, and then you become the challenged Slammer next time around.

It's a golf Tour for everyone!

You don't have to be a great golfer to play on the Tour. In fact, just as our slogan says, only "some" of these guys are good and The Slammer Tour is specifically designed to accommodate and appeal to both men and women, juniors, seniors, B, C and D-division players and the really good ones — even pros. All you need is a good attitude, a desire to learn, a bit of a competitive spirit and a love of the game.

Getting a game is a snap

As the Toronto Slammer Tour grows, there will be regular events on both weekends and weekdays, at various golf courses around the GTA. Matches will be organized, automatically, based on who decides to play in the event, when they sign up, their current rank and who they want to challenge. Click here to become a Toronto Slammer!

Plans for the Toronto Chapter

If you've already poked around the main Slammer Tour website, you will see that it is rich in interactivity, chalk full of stats and online registrations and challenges. We are implementing all of this functionality, specifically for the Toronto, as we grow the chapter. Please help us out and recruit your golf buddies!

Special Tour events

As membership grows, we'll start implementing some of the Tour's special events, specifically for Toronto, including the multi-division Tour Championships, a Toronto-based Commish's Cup, inter-club challenges and the year-end awards party affectionately known as The Slammies.

Contact your golf buddies and get yourself on tour today!

Rulz Ryan
Toronto Chapter Captain

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