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Welcome to the Slammer Tour!

The Slammer Tour originated in the Ottawa-Gatineau region (Ontario, Canada) and is a match-play golf league for public golfers of all calibres, from beginners to pros, as long as they want to improve their game, learn the rules and compete with others of their own skill level in a fun and positive way.

Tour Chapters are in development in Prince Edward Island, Barrie, London and Montreal — and potential Chapter Captains, anywhere in the world, are invited to inquire about starting their own.

The Tour uses the wonderfully unpredictable system of match-play to determine winners and losers. No handicaps are used but instead, golfers are grouped into skill-division levels so most matches will be very close.

The Tour is structured as a ladder; similar to a tennis ladder and our system is designed so that you can challenge someone who is ranked above you who is of similar skill level. If you beat them, you get their ranking and they get moved down a notch. The goal is to get to be number one in your division.

And because it's match-play, you never know!

It's not uncommon for a lower-ranked player to beat one of the top dogs. You can see the leaderboard on the homepage, or under the "Stats" button in the main menu.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continued support.

Competition and camaraderie

The Tour was founded in 1997 by a few Ottawa golfers who had memberships at various local courses, but for one reason or another, did not want to commit to a single course on a full-time basis.

It's a golf Tour for everyone!

You don't have to be a great golfer to play on Tour. In fact, just as our slogan says, only "some" of these guys are good and the Slammer Tour is specifically designed to accommodate and appeal to B, C and D-level players, juniors, ladies, seniors and the really good ones — even pros! All you need is a good attitude, a desire to learn, a bit of a competitive streak and a love of the game.

"The Slammer Tour is a great way to get a semi-competitive game against other players, which most non-private club members can participate in. It's the best run, most organized golf group we deal with at Manderley and we love the atmosphere they bring to the course and after the round.”

- Greg Chambers, Manderley on the Green

"Just a note to congratulate you on another successful Slammer event. It was certainly nice to hear so many comments about the course condition and to have new players to the club. We certainly look forward to your return. Well Done!"

– Jean & Dave, Lombard Glen

Getting a game is a snap!

The Tour has a constantly-updated schedule of events and all you have to do is pick when and where you want to play and sign up. It's that easy! Tee times are set up by the Slammer Tour at a variety of courses and matches are organized automatically, based on who is in the event, their registration time, their current rank and who they want to challenge. Sign up right now: you'll love it!

No membership needed, just pay as you play...

You just pay an event fee whenever you play. The only other cost you might incur is if you lose a match to a fellow Slammer. But don't think negatively: you might win your $5 matches and every Slammer has a chance to take home one of four (sometimes more) lucrative par-three Doggies. Doggies are the Tour's optional closest-to-the-pin contest with a twist. To find out how, you'll have to join! See membership options here...

Have a look at our site, check out the rules, stats and individual Tour member profiles and get yourself on tour today!

Contact if you have any questions.


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Slammer Tour
The Slammer Tour. Fun and competitive match-play golf for everyone!
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