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The Commish's Cup
Congratulations to the 2017 Champions, Team REAL FANS!
2018 Rules & Itinerary Commish's Cup Itinerary
2018 Draw/Match-Ups Commish's Cup Draw
Guest Teams
If you can put together a team of 12 competitors with a combined scoring median of 85 or more, then we would love to have you take part in the Commish's Cup.

Click here to register a guest team

Slammer Qualifying
Slammers must "qualify" for their respective team.

You can't just register and play in the Commish's Cup: you have to earn a spot, either by making it into the top-10 of your zone, or as a captain's pick.

Click here for details

Quotable. Hey Sunny, thanks again for the captain's pick. I had an amazing time and will definitely try to make the team going forward. What a great organization the slammer tour is — giving guys like me the opportunity to play competitive golf in a friendly environment with a group of wonderful golfers. Inch
Slammer Team Central
Slammer Team South
Slammer Team Quebec
Slammer Team Central Slammer Team South Slammer Team Quebec
Team Falcon Ridge
Slammer Team East
Slammer Team East
Team Falcon Ridge Slammer Team East Slammer Team East
Slammer Team Central
Slammer Team South
Slammer Team East
Slammer Team Central Slammer Team South Slammer Team East

Format & Rules
All formats are match-play
1pm Shotgun start
Two person scramble for first match (six holes or less):
two points for winning team
Two-person best ball for second match (six holes or less):
four points for winning team
Individual matches vs. both opponents for the third and fourth
matches (remaining holes): two points per match
If a scramble or best ball match is over after four or five holes,
the next format/match starts on the next hole
Total of 14 points available in each foursome
The team with the most points at the end wins The Commish's Cup!
In the event of a tie, the anchor pairing from each team will play in a sudden death playoff using the scramble format. Hole is to be determined by the Commish and Assistant Commish.
Players who live in postal codes not on the list
can be recruited as "captain picks"
There are no stroke-and-distance penalties for this event. Instead, the ball is dropped at at the point of entry with a one-stroke penalty.
This event follows the Slammer Tour tee-block assignment concept where all competitors have a tee-block assignment based based on scoring median and driving distance. Guest Team Captains must provide scoring average and average driving distance for each of their players and tee-block assignments will be established accordingly. Some exceptions may be required if it is deemed by the Committee and Team Captains that someone is in a grey area and an adjustment would be better for the group. It is still desirable for optimal competition that all competitors in a group play from the same tee blocks, the gapping of tee blocks at Casselview will be very consistent so between the Commish and Captains, the plotting of tee blocks will be as transparent as possible for the event.
Guest teams can have up to two regular Slammer Tour members on their team. Regular Slammers are defined as those who have played 5+ events this season or 15+ events in the last three seasons.
Grandfather Clause: Anyone who has played for a particular team in the past , may play for that team again, regardless of zone.
What's Included at The Commish's Cup?
18 holes of great team golf at Casselview Golf & Country Club
Power carts
Range balls
QuickSnap doggie bones ($5 goes towards closest-to-the-pin pot)
Match-winning bones ($10 goes towards the winning team pot)
A day to remember!
ClubEG Members: $104
Non EG Members: $114
* Prices do not include HST
Click here for info about becoming a ClubEG member!

Prize Package
The Commish
The Royal Oak
Casselview Golf & Country Club

* Prizing is subject to change.

Become a
prize sponsor for
the Commish's Cup?

Contact us by email (click here!)

The Michelob Ultra
Long Bomb
$10 entry gets players a nice cold Michelob Ultra, a golf ball and a shot for the moola on the 1st hole! Winner also gets a dozen Nike balls and some bones!

Nike Golf

Michelob Ultra Long Bomb
QuickSnap Doggies
Each doggie (closest-to-the-pin) is worth 135 bones! Players have to make par or better to win. (100 to the shooter and 35 to their partner)
The Slammer Tour
Casselview Golf & Country Club
Slammer Tour
The Slammer Tour. Fun and competitive match-play golf for everyone!
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