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Slammer Tour Member Crenshaw's Profile
This page displays your own personal stats and profile information.
Crenshaw's Personal Profile
Greg McComb
Slammer Email
Membership Status
Rookie Year
Cart girls at Casselview, Canadian and Cedarhill :)
People who take golf or any sport too seriously -- it's a game, buddy!
Golf, curling, scuba diving, travel and reading
Crenshaw's Golf Bio
Teeblock Assignment
Driving Distance (Yards)
Rounds Per Year
Competition Preference
More intense the better
Your 150 Yard club?
Qualified and played in Manitoba Amateur Championship twice
Practise, course management and swing analysis
- gal darn hook &%$
Favourite Local Course
Several: Buckingham, Casselview, eQuinelle, Greensmere, Cedarhill -- Ottawa is Myrtle Beach north!!
Favourite Shot
My patented draw, with my 10-year old, 12.5 degree Hogan Big Ben Driver. Have bought several high-priced drivers over last decade and haven't found a replacement :)
Favourite Club
Old Hogan driver
Hole in One
Nope // very close a few times
Crenshaw recommends these websites
Highly recommend swing coach Jason Winters at Kevin Haime's golf school
The Commish Cup
Commish Cup Home
Crenshaw's Head-To-Head
Crenshaw's Upcoming Events
Crenshaw is not registered in any events
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Crenshaw's 2018 Stats - Detailed Stats
Events Played 12
Birds 7
Birdie Avg 0.58
Eagles 1
Skins 10
Skin Bones $44
Dogs 7
Dog Bones $29
Scoring Median 83
Win % 63%
Wins 15
Losses 9
Draws 5
Points 35
Total Bones $103
Detailed Personal Stats - All Stats - Scoring Median Stats
Crenshaw's Career Stats
Seasons 13
Events Played 233
Birds 161
Birdie Avg 0.69
Eagles 4
Skins 92
Skin Bones $257
Dogs 90
Dog Bones $598
Scoring Median 83
Win % 71%
Wins 425
Losses 177
Draws 53
Points 903
Total Bones $1990
All Stats
Crenshaw's Past events
Gatineau Sun Jul 29, 2018 Upcoming Event
Casselview Wed Jul 18, 2018 Upcoming Event
Champlain Mon Jul 16, 2018 Upcoming Event
eQuinelle Tue Jul 10, 2018 Upcoming Event
Gatineau Tue Jul 3, 2018 Upcoming Event
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