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Slammer Tour Member Grumpy's Profile
This page displays your own personal stats and profile information.
Grumpy's Personal Profile
Jim Backs
Slammer Email
Membership Status
silly servant
Rookie Year
kidz, grandkidz, golf & the SENS
slow golf ... those who take the game TOO seriously
STATS - slammer tour research
Personal Commentary
what does jack lemmon say at the beginning of bagger vance? Golf you cant beat it, you can only play it - or something like that
Grumpy's Golf Bio
Teeblock Assignment
Driving Distance (Yards)
Rounds Per Year
Your 150 Yard club?
that first sub 100 game @ meadows. sub 95 @ metcalfe; sub 90 @ eQuinelle
there are none on a golf course - well maybe incessant self talk "My shot..." Now go read about my #13 accomplishment!
I never get down. I am on the course to play and enjoy
the 14 clubs in my bag - i show no favouritism
Favourite Local Course
Smugglers Glen, but Brockville is threatening to take over. OH oh - I just played Hawkesbury - hey gang - IT IS A MUST!
Favourite Shot
GIR - using my 3-5-7 woods... Mid irons?
Favourite Club
7 wood - all kinds of circumstances
Hole in One
Not even in mini-putt!
Top accomplishments
the first sub 100 - dont believe me? TJ was there.
making it into the slammer top 35 - adjusted to beating #14 The Enigma @ Champlain on nov 16, 2010, Then beating #10 Iron Maiden at Stonebridge - on May 15, 2012 - UPSET!
WOW - a 93 at metcalfe with Papa Malone Jun 9, 2010. Then another at stonebridge - hey XTour - can you explain it? I CANT!
an EAGLE! June 22, 2010, with a few good men as playing partners ... Wee Willie, Mapper and Pommie
90 at Malone - Aug 11 2011, with three of my most often opponents - BearCat, Sutty. & Wilford
88 - @ eQuinelle Apr 21,2012. Old Spice called it! Clang and XTour are the only Slammers to witness 2 of these highlights. We have played only TWICE and I am undefeated
Ottawa Sun Scramble - first ever event ... partner Gator and I made the cut. Year two - moved up a class and missed it by one stroke. {qualified for the D as well and enjoyed my round with BIlliards}
ended 2012 as top ranked D classer at end of the year. Papa Malone - what happened?
I lost the 2013 TC final to Legal Eagle at Predator. Hopefully it is my second last chance at winning before moving onto C.
Won the D class, of the 2013 Club EG championships.
A few new courses already played in 2014. Black Bear Ridge, Rivermead, GlenMar, SummerHeights.
How come the rule book has no situations with regards to snow?
Another EAGLE - Mon. Sept. 7, 2015 at Summerheights. 18th tee - AS with Kricket, JazzWoody & Bubba. Tee shot across the street to hole ten. 7 wood from 170 yds over 2 rows of trees.
Hawkesbury - a MUST - first timer on Sept. 14, 2015
Slammies 2015 ...Preston Cup - Most Stylin Slammer AND the Casselview cup... I felt like McGoop with all that hardware
June 26, after 651 events as a D ... It happened! after setting a record for the most events in one Division, Grumpy plays his first ever event as a C in the afternoon of this double header.
Nov 4, 2016. The first Slammer to hit a milestone with 5 digits in it. 10,000th lost bone!
Playa Paraiso - Mexico. Great course, greatest club EG trip.
2017 - RUN for ONE - D winner
became second most all time events (tied the MAIDEN) June 2 2018
my 800th event - Aug 25 - 2018 - thanx for the cake Mulder et al!
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Grumpy's Upcoming Events
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Grumpy's 2022 Stats - Detailed Stats
There are no Grumpy stats available for 2022
Detailed Personal Stats - All Stats - Scoring Median Stats
Grumpy's Career Stats
Seasons 12
Events Played 825
Birds 91
Birdie Avg 0.11
Eagles 2
Skins 68
Skin Bones $-3234
Dogs 106
Dog Bones $-2137
Scoring Median 104
Win % 23%
Wins 506
Losses 1672
Draws 151
Points 1163
Total Bones $-11201
All Stats
Grumpy's Past events
Whitetail Sat Jun 27, 2020 Upcoming Event
Whitetail Sat Jun 27, 2020 Upcoming Event
Mountain Creek Sun Sep 8, 2019 Upcoming Event
Mountain Creek Sat Aug 24, 2019 Upcoming Event
Kanata Wed Aug 7, 2019 Upcoming Event
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