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Slammer Tour Member MeekaGolf's Profile
This page displays your own personal stats and profile information.
MeekaGolf's Personal Profile
Bernie Trudel
Slammer Email
Membership Status
eg member for 2013 and 2014 (sun scramble)
Rookie Year
golf hockey
bad golf, poor sportmanship and slow play
gofl and hockey
Personal Commentary
shoulder surgery done in early Sept 16. have not touched a stick in over 8 months..will hope for nice weather..
MeekaGolf's Golf Bio
Teeblock Assignment
Driving Distance (Yards)
Rounds Per Year
Competition Preference
More intense the better
Days Able to Play
Any day if I'm free
2 beautiful boys and 35 years wed to the same gal,,,
broken ankle last august 2011
off the tee and putting
inside 100
Favourite Local Course
eagle creek
Favourite Shot
long draw hook in the woods
Favourite Club
8 iron
Hole in One
Took me 35 years to get my first one. Mid February 2015 in Florida. Got my second April 12 of this year at the meadows hole 6 North course. Wow.
Top accomplishments
my two boys
my wife of 35 years Julie
Fancourt SA win in dec 2005
first hole in one in florida feb 2015 and second april 2015 at meadows
The Commish Cup
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MeekaGolf's Head-To-Head
MeekaGolf's Upcoming Events
MeekaGolf is not registered in any events
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MeekaGolf's 2018 Stats - Detailed Stats
There are no MeekaGolf stats available for 2018
Detailed Personal Stats - All Stats - Scoring Median Stats
MeekaGolf's Career Stats
Seasons 6
Events Played 48
Birds 49
Birdie Avg 1.02
Eagles 2
Skins 24
Skin Bones $37
Dogs 23
Dog Bones $128
Scoring Median 84
Win % 59%
Wins 77
Losses 54
Draws 6
Points 160
Total Bones $280
All Stats
MeekaGolf's Past events
Prescott Sun Nov 12, 2017 Upcoming Event
Canadian Sat Nov 4, 2017 Upcoming Event
Casselview Wed Oct 25, 2017 Upcoming Event
Pine View Thu Aug 17, 2017 Upcoming Event
Pine View Thu Jul 20, 2017 Upcoming Event
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