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Slammer Tour Member Nivlac's Profile
This page displays your own personal stats and profile information.
Nivlac's Personal Profile
Calvin Turner
Slammer Email
Membership Status
Retired- Consulting part time
Rookie Year
Golf, Good food, Cold Beer and good friends!
winter,warm beer and bad food!
Personal Commentary
it's a beautiful day.......I woke up!
Nivlac's Golf Bio
Teeblock Assignment
Driving Distance (Yards)
Rounds Per Year
Your 150 Yard club?
accomplishment #6
Not playing in the Club EG Championship in 2016
Just being myself..... regardless
Not quite as long as McGoop - off the Tee.
Favourite Local Course
Eagle Creek GC
Favourite Shot
Wedges.... Any of them!
Favourite Club
Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 2019 Driver.... LOVE it...
Hole in One
Three and counting.......
Top accomplishments
2015 Slammer Tour Champion- TC Senior Match Play Champion.
OCT 8th 2017 . Won against McGoop 4&3 to be new overall number 1....
2017 Commish Cup.... 9 Hole match against McGoop And it was all square!
Sept 2, 2017 at Kanata..... I won a match against a McGee! But not McGoop but the future McGoop 2.0 - Pickle....
April 2, 2016. Ahead of McGoop in overall rankings. I'm ranked 8th, he's ranked 15th
Oct 8th 2017. Dr Pepper and I won against Juice and McGòop! TC mixed A semi finals.
The Commish Cup
Commish Cup Home
Nivlac's Head-To-Head
Nivlac's Upcoming Events
Nivlac is not registered in any events
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Nivlac's 2021 Stats - Detailed Stats
There are no Nivlac stats available for 2021
Detailed Personal Stats - All Stats - Scoring Median Stats
Nivlac's Career Stats
Seasons 8
Events Played 150
Birds 146
Birdie Avg 0.97
Eagles 0
Skins 62
Skin Bones $199
Dogs 60
Dog Bones $374
Scoring Median 83
Win % 57%
Wins 194
Losses 149
Draws 47
Points 435
Total Bones $798
All Stats
Nivlac's Past events
Sea Island @ GOM Sun Nov 22, 2020 Upcoming Event
Carleton Sun Sep 20, 2020 Upcoming Event
Stonebridge Tue Sep 1, 2020 Upcoming Event
eQuinelle Fri Aug 21, 2020 Upcoming Event
eQuinelle Tue Jul 28, 2020 Upcoming Event
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